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The Best Apps for Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric AppsAfter one has been able to take the brave and bold step of having bariatric surgery in order to lose weight and become thinner and healthier, one may need an extra boost. Technology has proven to make a huge step in aiding in different field of life that have been very effective. Some apps have been developed and one is advised to take full advantage of them in order to have extra help along the way with regard to weight loss.

However, one may be questioning which the best app to use it since, there are a variety of them and some actually do look the same.

Listed below are some top apps that have been tested and actually proven to be good buddies and assistance through the weight loss program. They include


This by far has been ranked to be one of the coolest applications for weight loss surgery. Patients and it also happens to be completely free. The app tends to have many amazing features that will amaze any bariatric surgery patient that has downloaded it and hopefully, will require its assistance. Some features include:

Some features include:

  • Access to top bariatric forums
  • Weekly motivation
  • Photo timelines
  • Track nutrition
  • Track weight loss
  • Ability to listen to the top bariatric podcast through the app
  • Bariatric friendly recipes
  • Journal
  • Bariatric food/water timer
  • Vitamins & supplements reminder

This app is very highly recommended for any individual who is considering losing weight through the weight loss surgery or any who has already undergone the surgery. It tends to have amazing content, amazing designs which are all specific to the bariatric surgery patient.

One is able to get the application simply by downloading it from Google Play or from Apple AppStore and begin to enjoy the many benefits.


Bariapps is not one’s normal hospital apps as it is able to make apps for hospitals as well as for weight loss clinics.these are however real Android and iPhone application which is specifically made for baristratic surgery patients.

Some features include in this app include:

  • Tracking of one’s weight loss
  • Tracking one’s nutrition
  • Request appointments
  • Ask the dietitian a question
  • Participate in Fitbit challenge

Real value is added in the event that one’s bariatric surgeon has the app as well as the hospitals this makes it easy for one to stay connected to their surgeon,access recipes as well as have all the other features mention above. In order for one to check if their hospital has one, they may easily search for their hospital’s name or the surgeon’s name as well.


Water is always an essential part of the bariatric weight loss process as it is very easy for one to become dehydrated. Hence, water is a very important element as it helps stave off hunger and replaces other unhealthy drinks such as soda.

The application is free, simple to use as well as intuitive. However, it is not available on Google Play Store but may easily be found on Apple App Store regardless.


The application basically allows one to simply scan almost any bar code at one’s grocery store in order to actually find out what is contained inside the food that one is buying. It also happens to be free. It is able to give one simple breakdown of the gluten, sugars, protein content among many more ingredients.

In addition, one is also to track what they’ve eaten and calculate the calories from the carbs, fat, protein etc.

The app is available on both Android and Apple App Store.

My Diet Coach

The application was mainly designed for women; however, men are able to use it as well. The application is very reliable as it is able to give solutions to certain situations such as craving sweets. It also tends to have a food craving panic button which is only available in the paid version and tends to make one wait 20 minutes before eating something. The theory behind this is that people tend to lose cravings within the 20 minutes of deprivation. The application is available

The application is available on both Google and Android App Stores.


This app tends to allow one to actually select an activity on their phone and still place the phone back in their pocket while doing the activity. It simply is able to log one’s activity while still keeping one connected to the community.

One is able to feel a lot of support, connection and a sense of accountability as the app tends to link one to a community that encourages each other.

In addition, one is also to get rewards which are a good incentive to make one do more activities. One can simply get the application from Google Play Store or Apple App Stores.

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