About Us

Bariatric Journal was started in late 2016 to help educate patients on the benefits about bariatric surgery.  

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Bariatric Journal has a wealth of information on various topics relating to journey of patients undergoing weight-loss surgery. With dozens of highly referenced articles topics relating

Before Weight-Loss Surgery

  • Cost and Insurance Information of Bariatric Surgery
  • What to Expect of Bariatric Surgery?
  • What are Risks of Bariatric Surgery
  • Types of Bariatric Procedures

After Weight-Loss Surgery

  • Exercises after Weight Loss Surgery
  • Diets, Recipes after Weight Loss Surgery
  • Maximize Weight Loss after Bariatric Surgery

With the majority of the United States population either overweight or obese, it’s imperative we treat obesity the disease it is. Our mission is to become the leading destination for bariatrics, and bariatric-related topics.

  • Risks of Obesity
  • Obesity Statistics
  • Obesity Treatment Options
  • Bariatric Surgery Selector Tool
  • Types of Bariatric Options
  • Life after Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery, is also called Weight Loss Surgery, which is the medical treatment for the reduction of obesity. Although, most bariatric surgeries have been the mainstay of the industry, there has been a push for non-surgical bariatric options, hence bariatric procedures.