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Elipse Gastric Balloon: Swallowable, NonSurgical Weight Loss Treatment

Allurion Elipse

Elipse BalloonElipse is one variation of the gastric balloon that has yet to be approved by the FDA. With this type, the balloon is inserted into the patient’s stomach by swallowing it and months later, it is digested. This variation doesn’t require surgery, anesthesia or endoscopy at all. The patient swallows a capsule attached to a catheter. Once it reaches the stomach, the capsule degrades leaving the balloon in the stomach. The catheter is used in order to inflate this balloon with saline. A valve is triggered after about six months and the balloon is deflated and digested.

Expected Weight Loss With Elipse

It’s important to note that weight loss is relative to a patient’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle with healthy eating and regular exercise. However, typical gastric balloon patients can expect to lose between 25 and 50 pounds in a six-month time while the gastric balloon is still in place (about 1-2 pounds weekly). Improvements in one’s health including heart-related issues, breathing problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and joint pain all have been experienced by those who have endured gastric balloon bariatric surgery.

Some weight loss surgeon say that patients can expect to lose 15-20% of their total body weight during the experience (which may be a different number than before). There is no real answer to this question and it will depend on the caloric intake of the patient and how active of a lifestyle they live.

More information about the expected weight-loss of the Elipse Gastric Balloon will be made available after the first clinical trial. (More Updates Coming)

Cost of Elipse?

While there are no specifics on Elipse or estimates, it can be assumed that the cost of the procedure will be considerably less because it requires no actual surgery, endoscopy or anesthesia and can be performed in an outpatient situation. For those who are interested in comparing prices for intragastric balloons, Obera and ReShape Duo range between $8,000 and $13,000.

FDA Approval

Many professionals agree that this is a safe and effective weight loss tool that improves the health of patients. While the procedure has been approved in Europe, American surgeons are still waiting. Because it is considered safe, it can be expected that the Ellipse gastric balloon procedure will be approved by FDA.

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How Elipse Works

The elipse balloon comes in the form of a soft capsule that is attached to a tube. An X-ray is performed to determine if the balloon is correctly positioned and then the balloon is filled up using 550ml purified water. Once the balloon has an adequate amount of water, the tube is removed.

The full balloon makes one feel full throughout thus suppressing their appetite. With a suppressed appetite, you’re likely to eat less and consequently lose weight. For better results, a weight loss program that includes exercising and behavioral change program is also implemented.

Does It Work?

Because the Elipse Balloon is a pretty new phenomenon, you might be wondering if it is effective in comparison to other gastric balloons in the market.

To test its effectiveness, a study was conducted involving eight patients all who has a mean BMI of 31. Each of the eight got to swallow the elipse balloon with the intention of retaining it in their stomachs for a period of six weeks after which they would self-empty the balloon and then pass it out. Each of the balloons was inflated with 450ml of purified water. After the procedure, patients went back to the hospital for ultra sounds. During the study, none of them was subjected to exercising or a diet plan.

The results indicated that the most adverse side effect was vomiting and nausea. None of the subjects experience adverse side effects. Six out of the eight subjects managed to hold the balloon intact for the entire six weeks, self-empty, and pass it during a bowel movement. One of the patients however the balloon collapse and had to be endoscopically punctured. The second chose to have his balloon endoscopically puncture 19 days from the insertion date.

This shows that indeed the elipse balloon works and it’s efficient and effective.


From observations on patients who have so far tried out the elipse balloon system, patients can lose between 10 and 20 kilograms within 16 weeks. A good number experience a waistline reduction of about 8cm.

The elipse balloon system is, therefore, a safe and effective way of helping individuals who struggle with weight loss it safely and fast. Support is crucial during the early stages of treatment because the results at that time aren’t visible. When you stay true to the program, it gets easier along the way.

Although still new in the market, the elipse is gaining popularity and fast. Once it’s FDA approved, we are likely to see more individuals choosing it over all other gastric balloons.



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