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Review: eFinancing Solutions: Is It a Good Choice to Finance Your Bariatric Surgery?

As obesity and associated co-morbidities continue to wreak havoc on one’s health and overall wellbeing, bariatric surgery is sparking remarkable interest among people globally. The weight loss surgery, along with lifestyle changes, is proven effective in losing body fat in a safe manner. However, it is the “cost” that often restrain people from undergoing bariatric surgery.

Thankfully, weight loss surgery is now more accessible and economical as bariatric centers partner with financing companies that offer lucrative options to finance your surgery. eFinancing Solutions is one such company that offers different types of loan programs for medical procedures such as bariatric surgery.

So, if you are looking to finance your weight loss procedure, this comprehensive review of eFinancing Solutions will help you determine whether it is the right choice for you. Let’s dive in.

About eFinancing Solution

eFinancing Solutions was established in 2005 to help businesses provide a financing solution to their customers against the sale of their products and services, and increase revenues. They are typically a loan processing company that provides different types of loan programs for individuals’ varying needs, based on their credit.

A unique aspect of eFinancing Solutions is they do not have just one lending source, unlike many financing companies. They have quite a few lending partners, offering programs for consumers with A, B, and C credit. More than a finance company, it is an aggregator of loan applications and then matches the same with appropriate lenders based on specific pre-defined parameters.

That means, eFinancing Solutions will not finance your bariatric surgery directly, but the match
your loan application to a suitable lender.
Contact Information:

eFinancing-Solutions, Inc.
Overland Park, KS 66085
Phone: 800.728.9585
Fax: 800.730.1014


eFinancing Solutions has a unique business entity, named eMedical Financing Solutions, to finance a wide variety of medical procedures, including bariatric or weight loss surgery. They have partnered with several top-notch lenders, offering a broad spectrum of lending options for customers with different credit levels – A, B, C, or D. This has enabled them to approve more loans for more people looking to finance their bariatric procedures regardless of their credit.

They provide you a simple and hassle-free way of applying for an eMedical loan online. All you need to provide is the loan amount you want, the reason for taking the loan, your name and date of birth, credit rating, SSN, and email address. Additionally, you’d need to provide details of your current address, whether it is your own housing, for how long you have been there, contact phone number, and monthly payment.

Providing your employment status and personal income details is also mandatory to apply for the loan. You’d also need to authorize eFinancing Solutions to run a credit report and verify the information provided by you. Once you apply for the loan, they also provide you the option to track your loan status online.

Lending Rates

Lending rates for your bariatric surgery start as low as 9.9% at eFinancing Solutions. For qualified applicants, 6 and 12 months 0% interest terms are available and have different plans for patients with A, B, C, or D credit levels. You can avail a loan for 12 to 84-month terms. They will also accept co-signer for family and non-family.

Reviews & Ratings

Despite being a prominent name in the field of bariatric surgery financing, the reviews and ratings for eFinancing Solution are not impressive. One of the biggest limitations that customers have cited is a lack of professionalism and customer service. Applying for a loan online isn’t easy as it seems; people have complained about receiving error messages when trying to submit the application. And there wasn’t anyone available on the other end to resolve the problem. Submitting a loan application has affected the credit rating of several customers.

On the other hand, a segment of customers has rated eFinancing Solutions a “5,” based on their overall experience with the company. They are happy with their prompt and reliable customer service, and ease with which they could avail a financing option for their medical procedure.

Based on customer ratings and reviews, we have highlighted the pros and cons of eFinancing Solutions herewith:


  • They offer varied financing options, including lines of credit and loans for people seeking financial assistance for their bariatric procedures
  • The flexibility of not restricting their financing options to only providers within their network
  • A term range of 12 to 84 months, which is quite wide-ranging for most patients
  • Requirements to qualify for a loan are reasonable
  • No extra fees for making loan application online


  • They provide little or no information about their business and processing of getting you financial assistance for your bariatric surgery
  • Interest rates begin as low as 9.9%, but can also get as high as 29.99%
  • Poor customer service
  • Loan application affecting credit rating


eFinancing Solutions is a good choice to finance your bariatric or weight loss surgery. You get different financing options to choose from, but the rates can be too high. Additionally, there is a lack of transparency on how they operate. So, take into consideration their business portfolio and customer reviews before making a decision.

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