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Questions to Ask Your Bariatric Surgeons

If you have to undergo surgery, it is not an easy decision. Especially when it comes to a cosmetic procedure like bariatric surgery or any other weight loss procedure, you should start by asking a few questions. But before that, it is imperative to learn more about the procedure.

What is Bariatric Surgery?

If you’ve struggled with your weight and you did not find a solution, weight loss surgery is your last resort.
Weight loss surgery is an extreme step, which alters the stomach to help you eat less and lose weight gradually. Of course, as all bodies are different, patients may get unique results. Schedule a consultation to understand whether the surgeon is the right for you.

Consult a surgeon to understand more about the procedure, its benefits, recovery time, and expected results.

Questions to Ask A Bariatric Surgeon

  1. Am I an ideal candidate for a bariatric procedure? This is an important question that most people want to ask their surgeons. It is imperative to verify their candidature before undergoing the surgery.
  2. How to compare the different types of bariatric procedures? As there is more than one procedure, it is very important to understand each procedure, how is it different from the other, how do the results vary, what is the difference in price, etc.
  3. Which bariatric surgery procedure does the surgeon recommend? Once again, depending on the health condition of the patient, the surgeon may suggest the most suitable procedure for him/her.
  4. How is bariatric surgery done? Understand how the recommended procedure is performed.
  5. How will this procedure help me shed my body weight? Do you know how weight loss surgery can help you lose weight? How does it work? What is the mechanism behind it? How much effort is required to lose weight and maintain it at the same time?
  6. Is weight loss surgery risky? Any surgery involves risk. It is crucial to know the risk factors right from the start. Although most risks are preventable, it is better to be aware.
  7. Does the surgery affect some other existing health issues? It is also important to understand if the candidate has any existing health issues that may be affected due to the surgery.
  8. How many days of hospitalization are required?
  9. Is follow-up care very restrictive?
  10. Any specific foods to be avoided?
  11. Any specific multivitamins that the patient should take?
  12. Can I regain the weight lost?
  13. Is it common to have complications?
  14. Does health insurance support this surgery?
  15. How many weight loss surgeries did you perform to date?

If the answers to all the aforementioned questions are satisfactory, you can proceed with the surgeon.

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