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Review: Prosper Healthcare Lending – Should You Choose it for Bariatric Surgery Financing?

Prosper Healthcare Marketing

Bariatric surgery has emerged as a popular trend today, helping restore health and happiness in people with obesity and associated co-morbidities. However, bariatric or weight loss surgery is a specialized procedure with proven, long-term results. Hence, the cost may rise as high as $30,000 in countries like America. And honestly, this isn’t an amount that everyone can afford.

To have more patients undergo a bariatric procedure, many weight loss centers now provide attractive financing options. This makes it easier for people to get financial assistance for their weight loss surgery. So, if you are looking for a trusted finance company, then Prosper Healthcare Lending is worth considering.

But should you have Prosper to finance your bariatric surgery? Is it a trustworthy and reliable company? This comprehensive review of Prosper Healthcare Lending will help you make an informed decision.

About Prosper Healthcare Lending

Prosper Healthcare Lending was founded in 2009 by Prosper Marketplace, a peer-to-peer lending company. The subsidiary firm is intended to extend financial support for medical bills, making healthcare affordable for all. Till now, the company has funded over 4 million dollars and supported more than 2 million people through their medical lending services.

PHL offers healthcare loans in specialized areas that your insurance plan may not otherwise cover. These include bariatric surgery, fertility treatments, cosmetic dentistry, and cosmetic and plastic surgery. These are ideally installment loans with a fixed rate of interest and a particular time period to pay off the loan.

Contact Information:

Prosper Funding LLC
221 Main Street, Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94105


Prosper Healthcare Lending provides affordable and reliable financing for most types of bariatric surgery costs, including co-pays and deductibles. They allow you to apply for bariatric surgery financing online through a simple, fast, and convenient process. The application can be submitted at any time of the day and from any device.

Unlike other patient financing companies that offer high-interest credit cards – including hidden fees, confusing jargons and retroactive interest, PHL offers simple-interest installment loans. You will not be charged any retroactive interest or prepayment penalties. They provide access to bariatric or weight loss surgery financing for a wide variety of procedures that are not limited to Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Duodenal Switch, Gastric Binding, post-surgery doctor appointments, and other associated treatments or procedures.

An interesting thing about PHL loans is you can get instant pre-approval and that too without having any effect on your credit score. Additionally, you will also get the option to review and compare the rates and terms before accepting a loan offer. Based on the information that you provide on the application; they will match you to the most suitable financing option from a reputable lender.


To start with, Prosper Healthcare Lending allows you to borrow any loan amount between $2,000 and $35,000 for up to 60 months. The APR starts from 6.95% but if you have a poor credit score, the interest rate can be as high as 35.99%. Patients in higher-income groups and better credit will attract lower interest rates and have a credit score of at least 640 is crucial to qualify for a loan.

Ratings & Reviews

Now coming to the most important part – reviews and ratings of Prosper Healthcare Lending. Based on genuine customer reviews on Google, Yelp and other review sites, the financing company has an average rating of 3.5 stars. Most customers have positively reviewed their broad network of over 2,000 registered providers across the country. This gives you more options to finance your bariatric surgery. On the other hand, their loan application process is simple, convenient, and free.

Customers also like the fact that PHL does not charge any set up fees, transaction fees, or subscription fees. However, there is a late fee of $15 every time you delay loan repayment. This is pretty reasonable in comparison to other finance companies. On the other hand, customers have negative reviews for the company because of significantly higher interest rates if you have a poor credit score. Additionally, only registered facilities can accept PHL financing for bariatric procedures and not just anyone.


  • Nationwide lender with over 2,000 registered providers
  • Fixed rate of interest and loan terms up to 60 months
  • Can apply for pre-qualified loan to have an ideal of potential rates and benefits – without affecting credit score


  • Higher interest rates if credit score is poor
  • Does not offer 0% APR
  • Only available with registered facilities and for certain bariatric procedures

Prosper Healthcare Marketing

Overall, Prosper Healthcare Lending is a good bariatric surgery financing option if you have a good credit score and you choose to undergo the procedure in facilities covered under their lending network.

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