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Review: Citerra Finance for Bariatric Surgery

Citerra Finance

Citerra FinanceCiterra Finance is one of the few financing companies that cover bariatric surgery. The company is best known for its speed and simplicity. With a decade of experience, Citerra Finance provides medical financing options to customers through loans, not based on credit. They have loans for different types of medical treatment and procedures, such as cosmetic treatments, weight loss surgeries, fertility treatments, and hips or knee replacement. They also have schemes for dental procedures as well as Lasik.

Citerra also works with some banks. Each of these banks funds some other type of medical expenses which these loans could cover. The finance company partners with banks to handle loans. As such logistics of fees, loan terms, and account management may vary.

Financing Bariatric Surgery with Citerra

The process of loan approval is simple and streamlined. Interested candidates may fill out the online application upon presenting a doctor’s reference. The finance company reviews the customer’s credit history, current income, and consigner credit. If all the criteria meet, it may take up to 45 minutes to receive approval.

Thereafter, once the loan is approved, the money comes to the bariatric surgeon directly in his/her bank account. Customers financing through Citerra receive a loan at a low rate of interest so that it does not become a burden on the family.

Citerra Finance also supports medical tourism in Mexico. The company ensures patients can undergo an affordable bariatric procedure within budget. Besides the cost of treatment and surgery, the loans also cover airfare and hotel bills.

Rate of Interest

Citerra Finance charges an interest rate of 17% – 21%, which is on the higher side. However, it includes many additional expenses.

Citerra Finance has spent a good 10 years in the business, which makes it one of the most experienced players in this industry. Moreover, their experience has helped them learn more about their customers and establish positive collaboration with other lenders in the market. The company stands out mainly because of its domain in different types of medical loans, compared to other companies trying to stretch over several lending platforms.

Easy Approval

At Citerra Finance, customers can get easy loans. Applying for a medical loan is free of cost. The loan is passed in less than 45 minutes.
Fund Flexibility

Once the loan is approved, customers can use that fund at any bariatric surgery facility. However, if your chosen provider is not listed in the network, Citerra would request for the license of the doctor to ensure credibility. Citerra and related banks funding the loan have to finally approve the loan without placing any restrictions on eligibility.

Customer Service

Surprisingly, the industry is notoriously known for not having the right kind of customer service options. It is often said that most finance companies do not receive calls whereas limit customers to online forms. Citerra, however, is transparent and available for all your queries. Besides the contact form available on the website, they also provide a phone number, fax number, email address, FAQ section, and specify business hours.

Customers can make bank payments through the online portal or autopay or check. Though the online portal is bank-specific that funds the loan, there’s no discrepancy. The bank is the determiner of tools used for customer service. It ensures the tools are available to customers since the bank works directly with the customer.

Citerra has an easy application process, loan terms, and customer services. Together, it works in favor of customers. As finances can get complicated, it is good to partner with a finance company that makes the borrowing process simpler and intuitive.

Reviews and Ratings

Citerra Finance has received a 3-Star rating in Google and Facebook.

Considering that this is a finance company, it has received mixed reviews across the leading websites. Most of the reviews are based on customer experiences, which vary. While some seem to be happy, others are not.

Customers have rated the company based on different criteria – value for money, customer service, quality of product or service, and company trustworthiness. Most users have reviewed that Citerra has a seamless process of loan application and approval. Customers have approved of their transparency and interest rates. However, the rate of interest is much higher than most companies, which is a major disadvantage. Nevertheless, the company’s services are unparalleled.
Customers also praised the customer service of Citerra saying that they are approachable and responsive. As a result, it makes the process of loan approval much easier. Approval is the first and the most crucial step to go ahead with the loan.

Most importantly, Citerra gives clear information to customers before they seek medical financial aid. They are partners with banks, which gives them more liberty to have a wide range of clients across multiple dimensions.

Overall, customers are happy with Citerra Finance for bariatric surgery. It is a great help for patients seeking something beyond just medical aid.

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