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Pikes Peak Surgery: Review, Costs – Colorado Springs, CO

Pikes Peak Surgery

Pikes Peaks Surgery isn’t just any bariatric center; they stand out with their continuous innovation and commitment towards comprehensive care. Therefore, Pikes Peak isn’t just about weight-loss surgeries. They also focus on other crucial aspects that make the surgery a lifelong success – dietary and exercising counseling, anti-reflux surgery, morbid obesity-related diseases, and constant support & education.

Their areas of expertise in the field of bariatric surgeries and non-invasive procedures include addressing conditions like morbid obesity with BMI > 40, obesity with BMI 35-40 and comorbidities, obesity with BMI > 30 and poorly controlled Type 2 diabetes, gastro-esophageal reflux disease, robotic surgery, and advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques.

The success of Pikes Peak Surgery is based on the expertise of the recognized bariatric surgeon, Robert T. Wilcox, and nurse practitioner (first assist) Julie Unruh.

Team at Pikes Peak

The highly efficient and experienced team at Pikes Peak Surgery comprises:

Dr. WilcoxDr. Robert T. Wilcox: A Fellow of the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons, Dr. Wilcox is the chief bariatric surgeon at the Pikes Peak Reflux and Weight Loss Surgery. He completed his MD from the University of Colorado Medical School and has been a Chief Surgical Resident at Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle Washington.

He has been successfully performing weight loss and reflux surgery in Colorado Springs since 2001. Before joining Pikes Peak Surgery as a bariatric surgeon, he was the director of the Bariatric Surgery Program at Evans Army Hospital at Fort Carson. He was also recognized as the Center of Excellence from the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons.

Dr. Wilcox is also a Diplomat of the American Board of Obesity Medicine and an expert in the medical management of obesity. He has been specially trained in the LINX reflux management system and has achieved quality results in post sleeve gastrectomy patients. He has continually upgraded his knowledge and used advanced minimally-invasive techniques, including robotic gastric bypass.

Together with his Nurse Practitioner, Julie Unruh, he has been adding a personal touch, care, and compassion to bariatric surgical procedures.

Julie Unruh, Nurse Practitioner: Julie Unruh is the First Assist Nurse Practitioner at Pikes Peak Surgery, working together with Dr. Wilcox and assisting in all his surgical procedures. After completing her registered nurse first assistant training at UCLA, Julie worked at Naval Medical Center in San Diego before she moved to Colorado Springs.

She has vast experience caring for and educating patients undergoing advanced minimally invasive or weight loss surgery. Julie Unruh is committed to undeterred patient care that makes her one of the biggest pillars of success for Piles Peak Surgery. Here, she is both the LINX reflux management system coordinator and bariatric coordinator.

Types of Bariatric Procedures

At Pikes Peaks Surgery, Dr. Wilcox and his team specialize in the following bariatric procedures:

  • Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Lap Band Placement and Management
  • Post-operative Bariatric Surgery Management
  • Revisional bariatric surgeries

In addition to weight loss surgery, they also have vast expertise in acid reflux surgery, hiatal hernia repair, robotic surgery, and other procedures.


At the moment Pikes Peak Surgery does not disclose it’s prices.


There are two Pikes Peak Surgery centers at Colorado Springs – one in Briar Village Point and the other at Medical Center Point.

9475 Briar Village Point, Suite 225
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

1625 Medical Center Point, Suite 230
Colorado Springs, CO 80907


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