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Texas Center for Surgery: One Surgery Can Change Your Life: Reviews, Costs 2022

When an individual chooses a weight loss surgery over other means to lose weight, chances are that everything else has failed. Weight loss is not just ornamental; it is one of the major ways to curb other lifestyle diseases like hypertension and type II diseases and stay healthy. With obesity comes a host of risk factors that can make life difficult for patients and even reduce their lifespan.

Before opting for surgery, patients must research the bariatric surgeon and his practice thoroughly. Only proper research can help patients choose the most suitable surgeon for the surgery. Considering that bariatric surgery involves intricacies and monitoring, it is critical to choose right.

Texas Center for Bariatrics and Advanced Surgery has become a trusted name for safe weight loss. With more than 20 years of experience as a surgeon, Dr. Joe Cribbins, an award-winning bariatric specialist, uses ultra-minimally invasive techniques like the Da Vinci Xi system to perform weight loss or bariatric surgery. This is one of the most advanced technologies that eclipses the standards previously set by other technologies like laparoscopic surgery.


About Dr. Joe Cribbins

Dr. Allan Joseph Cribbins III, MD, is a highly acknowledge and board-certified General as well as Bariatric surgeon. He was declared the national leader in bariatrics who specializes in Da Vinci Xi, the ultra-minimally invasive surgery for weight loss. He is also a compassionate professional who prefers to treat his patients in a friendly manner.

Dr. Cribbins is not just a technically skilled surgeon, he is respected too. He has performed over 10,000 advanced bariatric procedures and he remains focused on his job. He firmly believes in continuous education to update his skills as a bariatric surgeon. In his two-decade-old career as a surgeon, he committed himself to better results and speedy recovery of his patients. He also developed a bond of trust with his patients through his behavior.

Dr. Cribbins hails from Connecticut. He is a graduate of the Fairfield College Preparatory School in 1987. He is an honors graduate. He also attended Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania, to do a BS in biology. He is a graduate magna cum laude and he was featured on the dean’s list in 1991. Subsequently, he joined the University of Pittsburgh Medical School and won the OrazioDimaura Scholarship for Students of medicine and the Dr. J. Behan Prize Outstanding Student of Surgery. He was also inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha, one of the most prestigious medical societies open to top academic medical students showing promise for their leadership in the field and commitment to serve the community.

Bariatric Procedures At The Texas Center for Surgery

Weight loss surgery can be called an effective as well as long-lasting weight loss treatment that provides life-altering results. Patients can lose as much as 70% to 80% of their excess body weight within the first 6 months from the surgery. To ensure patients achieve their desired goal weight, the center provides the following options:

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy: Also called Gastric Sleeve Surgery or VSG, is an effective procedure that helps patients lose weight by curbing their appetite. The safety rate of this procedure makes it a popular choice amongst patients.
  • Da Vinci Xi: This is a relatively new and advanced surgical system designed to give optimum medical care to patients. Highly trained surgeons perform this procedure to help patients recover faster, have minimal discomfort, and improve the rate of success. The procedure involves smaller incisions, less scarring, quick recovery, better precision, improved results, and exceptional facilities.
  • LAP-BAND Surgery: LAP-BAND surgery involves the placement of an adjustable band (silicone) into the stomach to restrict calorie intake. It creates a pouch inside the stomach that can store lesser food than normal. As a result, weight loss is inevitable. The procedure is customizable, fully reversible, and ensures long-term results.
  • Bariatric Revision: With the advances in surgical techniques and technology, bariatric revisions also improved. If any previous bariatric surgery does not give the desired result or causes complications, a revision is recommended. Revision surgery gives better results, better health, and better quality of life.

In addition, the facility also caters to general surgery like GERD, hernia surgery, and cholecystectomy.

Patients can fill the forms online and book an appointment for a consultation. The surgeon and his team shall check the health status of the patient before proceeding with the surgery.


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