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My New Beginning: Reviews, Costs 2022

At My New Beginning, you’ll find more than just a place to get weight loss surgery. It’s a place that prioritises individual growth and success. The bariatric surgeon is doing everything he can to aid patients who are overweight. White Rock is home to this medical facility. To help patients lose weight as quickly as possible, our doctors perform gastric sleeve surgery, gastric band surgery, duodenal switch surgery, and revisional surgery.

Bariatric surgery patients in Dallas might benefit from a well-rounded programme of information and assistance. People who are always striving to keep a trim and toned physique. When patients ask for a high level of life satisfaction as a result of their weight reduction therapy, I make sure that my new beginning always meets their needs.

Procedures followed at the My New Beginning

Band to Gastric Sleeve Revision in Dallas

Before the prior surgery, a surgical alternative is offered. Patients who have already had bariatric surgery will be a good candidate for this technique. Patients who have followed this procedure have never had any issues. A certain group of persons who have undergone gastric band surgery have achieved long-term weight loss success.

Duodenal Switch

Only a little portion of the stomach is removed during the duodenal switch operation in order for the patient to live with the remaining 30%. Calories are absorbed in a distinct pathway from other nutrients in the small intestine.


Team of Doctors at My New Beginning

Tammy Aud, RN

A number of individuals have benefited from Tammy’s assistance during the various phases of surgery. She was born and raised in Texas, and she and her husband have been living in the Dallas region for the past seven years. – She became a fairly well-known doctor because of her love for taking care of people. When she sees a patient succeed, she wants to assist them do the same for others. She enjoys meeting new people and educating them on the quickest and most effective way to heal.

Britney West MS, RDN, LD

Dr. Britney west MS, RD, a registered dietitian from Stephen F. Austin University’s clinical nutrition programme. In her fresh beginning, she is cautious and active. The nutrition journey she’s on has captured her heart, and she hopes it will do the same for the others she meets along the way. In her classes, she encourages participants to eat and drink healthfully, as well as engage in regular physical activity. Intuitive eating, as well as the joy of watching your loved ones improve their quality of life, is an important part of achieving your weight and health objectives. She also teaches her patients about the need of self-care and growth.

Leslie Jackson

Leslie has been working in the healthcare field for over nine years. When she first started working with me, she was at a little clinic, and now she works at my new starting. As the coordinator of the bariatric programme, she helps patients shed pounds. While on her voyage, she encounters folks who have never taken care of their bodies. She takes pleasure in spending time with her family. Many of her patients credit her with helping them achieve their ideal body shape and achieve their desired aesthetic. Leslie was always there for the patients as they went through their transformations.




My New Beginning offers price transparency to offer the price for the gastric sleeve at $2,456, and the gastric bypass at $3,229.20. If you want to learn more about their price click here. Upon reading further this look.


My New Beginning
1151 North Buckner Boulevard
Suite 308
Dallas, TX 75218

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