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Midsouth Bariatrics: Reviews, Costs 2022

Obesity is considered a chronic condition. Symptoms of obesity build up slowly. In America, almost 5 to 10 million people are morbidly obese. To reverse obesity and live a healthy life, Midsouth Bariatrics has some of the proven solutions. Founded by Dr. George Woodman, the facility is proud of achieving ASMBS recognition and the acknowledgment of the Surgical Review Committee and the Center of Excellence for bariatric surgery.


About Dr. George Woodman

Dr. George Woodman follows a comprehensive format to manage bariatric patients and give them the highest level of care they need. He is an MD, FACS with degrees in General and Bariatric Surgery. He is also the Director of the Midsouth Bariatric facility.

He is associated with the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery as a member. He is also the Director of both the Baptist Hospital Memphis Weight Loss Center and the Methodist Hospital Germantown Weight Loss Center.

With the belief in providing patients with a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach for weight loss, Dr. George Woodman follows a holistic approach. At the Midsouth Bariatrics, patients are not only treated with surgery but they also follow a strict nutritional and behavioral treatment both before and after the surgery. Patients also receive medical and group assistance before and after the surgery. A personalized approach is maintained for all patients to ensure a speedy recovery.

Dr. George Woodman is a dedicated surgeon with advanced laparoscopic skills. He is a fellow of the eminent American College of Surgeons or ACS. He has performed more than 5200 bariatric surgeries, which include sleeve gastrectomy, roux-en-Y gastric bypass, and lap band surgery.

Dr. George Woodman is also a participant in various clinical trials, which involves device designed for endoscopic or surgical aid for weight loss. His research also contributed largely to the approvals of gastric balloon surgery for weight loss.

Dr. George Woodman together with the Methodist Hospital Germantown and the Baptist Memorial Hospital Memphis were developed and acknowledged as the Centers of Excellence by the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and the Surgical Review Corporation. Only those bariatric programs which demonstrate promising outcomes, have substantial caseloads and meet the specific standards of performance.

Bariatric Surgery Procedures

Midsouth Bariatrics follows a multidisciplinary line to treat obesity. They use specific pathways of treatment to expedite care. Dr. George Woodman encourages multiple avenues, both surgical as well as nonsurgical, for patients and ensure they achieve optimum weight loss.

Midsouth Bariatrics is also affiliated with hospitals that meet every criterion to care for obese and overweight patients safely. Patients who qualify for a chosen procedure must attend the educational seminar and visit the office for a thorough education as well as preoperative instructions. Patients are also guided through the process of qualification and the following process of insurance approval with a team of specialized and experienced medical professionals.

Options for bariatric surgery include:

  • Gastric Sleeve, also called sleeve gastrectomy, is performed on the stomach. It is a non-invasive surgery that reduces the size of the intestine to provide quick satiety and reduce appetite.
  • Gastric Balloon or ReShape Dual Balloon procedure for weight loss helps people achieve rapid weight loss and maintain the result as well. It is a different procedure from a diet or a program in which two saline-filled balloons are placed inside the stomach temporarily in an outpatient setting. The balloon is kept inside the body for up to 6 months after which it has to be removed.
  • LAP-BAND is a minimally invasive surgery in which a silicone ring is placed inside the upper half of the stomach. It is filled with saltwater. As a result, a new smaller pouch is created to hold lesser food, thus reducing the size of the stomach.

Team & Staff

Dory Sims is a qualified bariatric nurse at Midsouth Bariatrics.

Kelly Hawkins is the office manager who specializes in approvals and postoperative care.

Surgical tech Deborah Cronan is an experienced professional in the operation theater who is qualified and skilled in her job.

The team at Midsouth Bariatrics is experienced in caregiving and they want to help patients throughout the process. The entire office emphasizes the patients coming in every day. They receive compassionate care, personal counseling, guidance, and mental stability to overcome their health condition and achieve their individual goals.

Midsouth Bariatrics serves in Memphis, which includes Mississippi, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Tennessee East.


Midsouth Bariatrics offers price transparency to offer the price for the gastric sleeve at $2,456, and the gastric bypass at $3,229.20. If you want to learn more about their price click here. Upon reading further this look


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