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Houston Surgical Specialists: Where Science Meets Technology: Reviews, Costs 2022

Houston Surgical Specialists has been a popular choice for bariatric surgery in the state. This multi-specialty practice holds the record of delivering excellent results consistently. The facility strives to provide an international approach to treatment involving morbid obesity. Treatment encompasses bariatric surgery, medically supervised meals, vitamins and nutrition plan, and an overall guided approach to recovery.

The decision to undergo a weight loss procedure cannot be taken alone. Patients must contact an experienced bariatric surgeon who would help them identify their goals. Sometimes, patients expect more than weight loss; they expect better health, improved blood pressure numbers, reduced blood sugar levels, lesser episodes of sleep apnea, reduced joint pains and aches, and improved energy levels. To fulfill these goals, experts provide consistent and quality care to patients, acknowledged by the ASMBS in America.

Obesity is a well-researched condition. Today, there is extensive data and myth-busting truth about obesity and the astonishing results of bariatric surgery. Obesity cannot be cured with honey-lemon-warm water fasting or by rocking the vision board. A purely scientific matter goes deep into the cause of obesity to identify the right path of treatment. Only knowledgeable and experienced doctors can help patients achieve that.


Meet Dr. Robert Marvin

Dr. Robert Marvin, the pioneer of Houston Surgical Specialists, is an experienced and skilled bariatric surgeon. He specializes in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery for morbid obesity treatment. He has also earned certification in Surgical Critical Care. He is recognized by the ADMBS (American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery) as a leading surgeon who practices at the Center of Excellence in Obesity Surgery.

Native to Orange County, Dr. Marvin went to the University of Southern California. He studied the Thematic Honors Program. He then attended Phi Beta Kappa. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. He further went to McGill University to complete his medical school and subsequently earned his graduate degree in MDMC.

Dr. Marvin trained in a residency program at the University Of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio. He was elected the Administrative Chief Resident for General Surgery in the final year. He was also designated as the Outstanding Laparo-endoscopic Resident Surgeon.

Dr. Marvin then relocated to Houston from where he completed an additional Fellow in Surgical Critical Care training at the University of Texas Houston. He practiced critical care, general surgery, and trauma surgery.

After leading a professorship, he entered into Private Surgical Practice. He was already trained in the latest laparoscopic gastric bypass technique, laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, and laparoscopic gastric sleeve procedures. Since the advent of surgical obesity treatment, Dr. Marvin has performed over 4000 surgeries coping with morbid obesity. He has delivered successful results with a lower rate of complications.

He is the Medical Directory for Obesity Surgery at the Houston Surgical Specialists in Houston. He is also the Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty Consultant at Apollo Endosurgery, Inc.

Obesity Treatment and Bariatric Procedures

  • Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty: This minimally invasive surgery, suitable for patients who cannot undergo bariatric surgery. An endoscopic suturing instrument is used to constrict the stomach and create a sleeve.
  • Orbera Gastric Balloon: This is a non-surgical procedure for weight loss. The treatment is apt for obese patients with a BMI ranging from 30 to 40. Aspherical balloon containing saline solution is inserted into the stomach. It controls appetite and ensures patients do not eat more than they should. The balloon is removed after 6 months.
  • Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy: Sleeve gastrectomy is a common bariatric surgery performed in clinics. The surgery reduces stomach capacity so much that patients eat fewer portions but still stay fuller for longer. It also causes the malabsorption of nutrients.
  • Gastric Bypass: Gastric bypass is a minimally invasive restrictive procedure in which the quantity of food intake reduces significantly. A small pouch is created inside the stomach that fills with very little solid food, which allows patients to stay satiated.
  • LAP-BAND: LAP-BAND surgery restricts food consumption per meal to create satiety. A silicone band is inserted around the stomach to produce a gastric pouch. When the band tightens, it holds only a few ounces of food and distends to create a fuller feeling.

In addition, Dr. Marvin also conducts medical therapy, revisional surgery, and cosmetic procedures at the Houston Surgical Specialists.


Houston Surgical Specialists: Where Science Meets Technology offers price transparency to offer the price for the gastric sleeve at $2,456, and the gastric bypass at $3,229.20. If you want to learn more about their price click here. Upon reading further this look


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