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Highland Bariatric (Highland Hospital): Reviews, Costs 2022

The Highland Hospital at South Ave, Rochester, NY has been one of the most prominent medical institutions in the area for more than a century, despite four name changes and ongoing expansion and renovation. Highland was brought to its present level of care by a group of medical specialists who were both competent and dedicated one hundred and twenty-five years ago.

List of Procedures at the Highland Bariatric


Highland is a favorite among moms who want to have their children delivered. This is the reason why we deliver one-third of all newborn infants in Monroe County, Ohio.


The Highland Hospital is the got to option in case of the orthopedic cases. The hospital has the largest pool of efficient and well-trained doctors that making it the choice of patients.

Bariatric Surgery

Make the changes in your life that are desired. Highland is the industry leader in bariatric surgery and assists patients in losing weight, enjoying life, and living a healthy lifestyle.


Lead Surgeons at the Highland Hospital

Joseph Andrew Johnson, (M.D.)

Splenectomy, intestinal resections, anti-reflux operations, and hernia repair are among Dr. Johnson’s specialties in laparoscopic surgery. The Bariatric Surgery Centre at Highland Hospital, one of the best programs in New York State for minimally invasive weight reduction surgery, is another service provided by Dr. Johnson.

Highland Hospital’s Department of Surgery is led by Dr. Johnson, who holds that position. At the New York Medical College, he earned a medical degree and completed a residency in general surgery. A fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Dr. Johnson is certified by the American Board of Surgery. The Geriatrics Education for Specialty Residents Program is also a part of his work (GESR).

William E. O’Malley, (M.D.)

Highland Hospital’s Bariatric Surgery Program Director is Dr. O’Malley. Since 1997, he has worked as a bariatric surgeon, completing more than 4,000 operations. At the beginning of 2000, he pioneered the use of laparoscopic bariatric surgery in the area. Dr. O’Malley has taught and shown advanced laparoscopic procedures in bariatric surgery in the area and beyond the world. Many surgeons have been mentored and taught by him. He has been on Oprah Winfrey’s show and is a contributing expert for Good Housekeeping and Redbook Magazines, making him a household name.

Former president of the Rochester Surgical Society, Dr. O’Malley is an expert in his field. At the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, he completed a surgical residency and an internship in surgery before earning his medical degree from Stony Brook University Health Science Centre.

Aaron Sabbota, (M.D., Ph.D.)

Dr. Sabbota oversees Highland’s Obesity Medicine Services. He is a bariatric surgeon and an ABOM diplomat (ABOM). Wayne State University School of Medicine awarded him an MD and a Ph.D. in Cancer Biology. Graduated from the University of Rochester Medical Centre with a Fellowship in Bariatric/Minimally Invasive Surgery. Dr. Sabbota is dedicated to delivering personalized and thorough care. A food replacement program and weight reduction drugs are included in his evidence-based treatment regimens. He can give therapy interventions such as nutrition, exercise, and behavioral modification to enhance health results.


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James P. Wilmot Cancer Institute
601 Elmwood Avenue
Rochester, NY 14642

Eastman Institute for Oral Health
625 Elmwood Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620

Visiting Nurse Service
2180 Empire Boulevard
Webster, NY 14680

The Highlands at Pittsford
100 Hahnemann Trail
Pittsford, NY 14534

The Highlands at Brighton
5901 Lac De Ville Boulevard
Rochester, NY 14618

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