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Bariatric Surgery Digital Marketing

How are you marketing your bariatric surgery center? If you are not utilizing digital marketing to do so, you could be missing key opportunities to build your practice and meet the needs of your patients. Competition in this industry, even at a very local level, is growing. As surgeons develop new methods that are safer and people learn about bariatric surgery benefits, there’s likely to be more competition out there.

Digital marketing for bariatric surgery can help give you the advantage. It positions you in front of the millions of people who are using Google and other search engines to find help with weight loss.

In one study, Google searches were considered to determine how many people searched for information on bariatric surgery using the search engine. The number of searches online for bariatric surgery has increased over time, by as much as 94%. People are learning about this tool, and if you are present on their search engine results page, that means your ability to meet their needs is higher than ever.

Digital Marketing for Bariatric Surgeons

We provide highly specialized marketing for bariatric surgeons. This means we are intimately aware of the unique trends, technological advancements, and patient pain points that impact your brand and your practice lead generation. How can we help?

Web design for bariatric surgeons

Website design for bariatric surgeons needs to accomplish various tasks, including:

  • Provide easy navigation to ensure that prospects can easily get the information they need to make the decision to call 
  • In-depth content that answers their questions about bariatric surgery, risks, and benefits (many people know what it is but lack a deep understanding of how it happens)
  • Exceptional SEO strategies that allow search engines to easily navigate and rank the website high in the search engine results pages

Your website is also a reflection of your professional service. A clean, crisp, quickly loading website ensures that you are seen as an industry leader and a trusted bariatric surgeon. 

SEO for Bariatric Surgeons

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way in which we communicate with search engines about what your website has to offer based on what people need and are looking for when they perform a search. As a local practice, it is critical that you have local SEO strategies in place since most of your patients are going to come from your local area. Even if you benefit from international travelers, you still need to incorporate local citations to drive results to your site. We do this through:

  • Google Maps
  • Google My Business tools
  • SEO with local SEO-focused keywords and content

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Why is digital marketing the best way for bariatric surgeons to reach their prospective patients? Digital marketing offers numerous benefits:

  • It builds your reputation. Pew Research shows that 67%  of people research doctors online before contacting them (and that’s much higher for bariatric surgeons).
  • Built trust with patients. Digital marketing allows you to showcase your expertise and authoritativeness in the industry, helping both patients and Google see you as a viable solution for a patient.
  • It’s necessary to compete. Digital marketing is no longer an option but a necessity to remain competitive within your local market.

Pricing of Digital Marketing

Our team works to offer bariatric surgeons competitive prices on digital marketing solutions. That price point is always dependent on the type of service you need and the extensiveness of the work we do. The good news is that it is often far less than what you expect and even far more affordable than any pay-per-click plan you are using now. Request a quote to see what you can expect. 

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