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How to Choose a Bariatric Surgeon

Weight loss surgery, or bariatric surgery, becomes the only option to treat obesity in some patients. The choice of a surgeon and all the other details that help in planning the surgery is time-consuming and provoking. However, if you have to go through this, have patience and plan to reach your goals and milestones. You must go through a series of tastes before the surgery and take all the necessary measures to ensure long-term success.
The preliminary step for the surgery is to choose the right bariatric surgeon. The choice might vary depending on your expectations, safety, affordability, and location. There are many other factors for the choice of surgeon.

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Insurance: Does Insurance Cover Bariatric Surgery?

It is only obvious to choose a suitable bariatric surgeon, but you may want to ensure that insurance is accepted. Insurance companies provide a list of bariatric surgeons covering your area.

Some insurance providers also do not have surgeons listed. So, they want that candidates should have some certifications and qualifications to cover this procedure. Most of the insurance providers like Medicaid and Medicare, expect that the bariatric surgeon is also a member of ASMBS (American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery). This is a basic requirement for insurance companies.

You would also prefer to engage a board-certified surgeon by the American Board of Surgery or the American Osteopathic Board of Surgery. This is an indication that the surgeon continues to attain the education required for understanding the latest advances in technique and technology.

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Qualification Of The Bariatric Surgeon

In the next step, you should verify the qualification of the bariatric surgeon. You can discuss your options with the primary care doctor and choose your course of action. So, if you have decided the type of bariatric surgery you want to undergo, consider finding a surgeon who specializes in it.

Now, there are different types of bariatric procedures – gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and lap-band surgery are the three common procedures that patients choose from. Each surgery has certain specifications and requires a unique skill set of the surgeon. The procedures require extreme precision and care.

There are different levels of invasion involved in these procedures. For example, lap-band surgery is a minimally invasive procedure. It is also reversible. Likewise, gastric sleeve is an accomplished procedure that uses laparoscopic equipment. On the other hand, gastric bypass is an invasive and open surgery.

Meeting the Bariatric Surgeon

After narrowing down your options, set up an appointment and meet the surgeon. The meeting can help you choose the surgeon for your health condition. There should be a comfort level as you discuss the procedure with the doctor.

If a meeting is not possible, you can also set up a call or a video chat with the surgeon.

Patient Interaction

It is significant to accomplish interaction before and after the procedure. The surgeon must be patient to listen to your concerns. You should leave with a feeling that the surgeon understands you, your lifestyle, and your goals.

A good surgeon would take you through the complete process from the start to the end. Ask questions related to the procedure and make sure you are content with the answers. The surgeon’s experience matters here. Experience and the rate of success determine the proficiency of an expert surgeon.

Find a Local Bariatric Surgeon

Compare the best bariatric surgeons. Find a bariatric surgeon near you.

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Facility & Staff

Consider the facility, its staff, and the infrastructure before undergoing the procedure. Ask as many questions as you want. This will help you develop a proper understanding of the facility and the team that will be with you before and after the surgery. You should be very sure that the facility has efficient staff for the surgical procedure with a minimum complication rate.

An excellent facility should have completed several procedures, has a coordinator to ensure smoother operations, has trained staff, and it is a part of the website of the Surgical Review Board as the Center of Excellence.

After undergoing the procedure patients have to stay at this facility for some time. Specialists may be looking after you to make sure your surgery is a success. Weight loss is teamwork by a dietitian, nutritionist, counselor, and fitness professional.

When the staff is easily accessible and available to you, the process becomes much smoother. It also provides the best of success and ensures you follow the entire process.

Choosing the best bariatric surgeon for your case is vital to the ultimate result. It shall set your foundation for long-term weight loss as well as maintenance. The right surgeon would also work with a patient throughout the entire process.

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