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Reshape Duo Gastric Balloon

ReShape DuoThe Reshape Duo Balloon was the very first gastric balloon for weight loss to get approved by the FDA. It is also referred to as the integrated dual balloon since it has two smaller balloons as opposed to one balloon.

Once inserted, it is filled up with around 450cc’s of saline in both balloons. The design of the Reshape is better than the single balloon gastric systems because it conforms to the shape of the stomach better. The device is considered more ducting edge for this new generation.

Because of the two balloons incorporated, the Reshape is able to take twice the volume of a single balloon. This means that it has a higher potential of promoting weight loss in patients.

Since each balloon is independently sealed and filled up, the chance of deflation and consequently absorption into the digestive system, thus causing obstruction is minimal. This is because should one balloon deflate, the other one is likely to stay intact as it is independently filled and sealed.

The Procedure

The Reshape system is endoscopically inserted. The doctor begins by sedating you before putting a tube down the throat all the way to the stomach. The balloon is attached to the end of the tube. Once positioned in the stomach, saline solution is administered through the tube into the balloon. The procedure takes about half an hour.

The Program

When you decided to go for the Reshape system, the cost of getting it done is inclusive of the balloon itself as well as the entire program for supporting weight loss. Most clinics will ensure what you pay includes receiving wireless scales, activity trackers, and free dietary advice etc. What you get over and above the procedure depends on the clinic you choose to go to.

Cost of Reshape Duo

Majority of insurance companies do not cover Reshape balloon procedures. Most clinics will offer to include a one-year weight loss program when you pay for the procedure. Some individuals prefer having the procedure done abroad where prices are cheaper. You should, however, take caution if you decide to take this route because there are many quacks out there promising heaven and it is difficult to determine a foreign doctor’s credibility.


Most individuals who have undergone this procedure manage to lose about 31.8% of their body weight within six months. If you follow the program strictly, you could lose even more.

I’m I A Candidate?

The Reshape balloon might be ideal for someone who plans to lose weight for the purposes of an upcoming event such as a wedding, high school reunion or other significant events. As opposed to some gastric balloons that are strictly reserved for individuals with a BMI or 30 and above, this procedure can be performed on people with BMIs of at least 27. This surgery is also great for people battling obesity as it can help in significant weight loss as well.

It can also be administered before one gets a different kind of bariatric surgery done such as gastric bypass in a case where one is morbidly obese and has been cleared for a more invasive procedure.

In cases where one is overweight and scheduled for surgery, a reshape can be key in helping them lose weight before surgery so as to make it safer for them to go under the knife, and also improve their chances of recovery from surgery. In individuals who have a body mass index of 60 or greater, the risk of having a reshape balloon inserted is significantly higher and in such a case a qualified doctor should determine if the procedure is an option.

Patients who have undergone Lap Band surgery, gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy are not eligible for a Reshape Balloon procedure.

Life After

The Reshape balloon is removed after six months. Once removed, your stomach returns to its original size. This means that you can be in a position to consume more food than you did with the inserted Reshape. To avoid adding back the weight lost, it’s important to follow through the one-year weight loss program and to make behavioral changes that will ensure that the weight lost will stay off.

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