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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Cost in Tijuana, Mexico

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico Can Cost Just $4,399

If you’re considering gastric sleeve surgery, you already understand how high the costs of not getting the surgery you need are for your health and well-being. However, the reality is that astronomical costs for weight-loss surgery in the United States and Canada leave many patients feeling hopeless. Fortunately, there are affordable options for gastric sleeve surgery. Nearly 20,000 patients are making the choice to get premium care without premium costs by traveling to Mexico for this procedure each year.

Gastric Sleeve at a Glance: A Look at the World’s #1 Procedure for Weight Loss

  1. During a gastric sleeve procedure, 80% to 85% of the stomach’s greater curvature is removed.
  2. When a portion of the stomach is removed, large portions of hunger hormones are also eliminated.
  3. The remaining sleeve-shaped portion of the stomach restricts the amount of food that can be consumed.
  4. Following surgery, patients find that they can feel full after eating smaller portions of food.
  5. Gastric sleeve patients are able to enjoy long-term weight loss without undergoing the major anatomical changes that were required with bariatric procedures of the past.

When you choose to have gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico by a certified bariatric surgeon in Mexico, the only difference is the cost! Patients who choose Renew Bariatrics enjoy low complication rates and easier-than-average recoveries. After performing more than 20,000 surgeries, our surgeons have more than 100 years of surgical experience combined.

Choosing Lower Costs With Confidence: When you choose Renew Bariatrics, you’ll be cared for by surgeons and physicians with credentials that mirror the credentials of doctors in the United States and Canada. Many of our care providers have studied and worked in the United States.

Understanding Costs for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

While costs for gastric sleeve surgery range from $15,000 to $22,000 in most of North America, patients who travel to Mexico for high-end care pay just $4,500. Patients who take advantage of medical tourism in places like Tijuana also get the benefit of all-inclusive care packages that bundle all costs for prep, surgery, and recovery into one flat rate.

High Costs for Gastric Sleeve in the United States: When dealing with the American healthcare system, patients often receive dozens of separate, unpredictable bills from multiple care providers. In addition to paying much higher rates, patients who choose to have surgery near home may also be stuck waiting for life-saving procedures for years due to complicated approval processes from doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies.

High Costs for Gastric Sleeve in Canada: While Canadian patients who meet the criteria for being obese can receive gastric sleeve free of charge through Canada’s publicly funded health care system, wait times can last for years. As a result most Canadians who are desperate for surgery use a self-pay option that brings costs close to $20,000.

So how much does gastric sleeve cost in Mexico? The cost will typically start about $4,399 depending on several factors. Considerations on the cost of gastric sleeve in Tijuana, Mexico include the following:

  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Prior Bariatric Surgeries
  • Prior Abdominal Surgeries
  • Heart Conditions
  • Sleep Apnea

Planning Your Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

At Renew Bariatrics, our all-inclusive surgical packages make budgeting for your surgery easy. Our patients receive white-glove treatment under the care of a highly trained staff. Your single bill includes:

  • Operative tests and preparation.
  • All private ground transportation.
  • Surgery performed by an experienced board-certified surgeon.
  • A United States surgical liaison.
  • A spot in an accredited hospital with an intensive care unit (ICU).
  • A recovery stay at a 4.5-star hotel.
  • 24/7 hospital staff and care teams.
  • A nutrition program.
  • Access to an online support group.

Hidden Costs at Hospitals in the United States and Canada

Patients who decide to pursue surgery in their home countries instead of traveling to Tijuana for gastric sleeve procedures often face hidden costs and red tape. Most American hospitals bill separately for:

  • Pre-surgical preparation.
  • Surgical fees.
  • Hospital fees.
  • Hospital stays and recovery care.
  • Anesthesia.
  • Follow-up care.

How Does the Cost of Gastric Sleeve Compare to Other Bariatric Surgeries?

Weight-loss surgery is considered the gold standard for treating obesity. However, doctors still want to prioritize procedures that are as gentle as possible over more invasive options. Gastric sleeve surgery is typically significantly less expensive compared to gastric bypass, gastric banding, and duodenal switch procedures. The laparoscopic aspect of the gastric sleeve allows for precise procedures with faster-than-average healing. Additionally, gastric sleeve surgery typically requires fewer doctor visits. For many patients, gastric sleeve offers better results and fewer complications because it’s less invasive.

Getting Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico Paid for by Insurance

American’s seeking gastric bypass surgery at home may be able to get a portion of this procedure covered through private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. However, it can sometimes take several years to satisfy all of the requirements needed to qualify for reimbursement. In some cases, a patient may find out that coverage for specific services was denied after receiving a large bill after getting home from the hospital.

Due to the cost-saving benefits of seeking gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico, insurance companies are increasingly providing coverage for patients who travel to places like Tijuana for care. Renew Bariatrics has a billing team to help you explore your insurance to see if any portion of your surgery will be covered.

Do I Qualify for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico?

Patients of Renew Bariatrics don’t have the struggle with the long wait times of the American and Canadian medical systems. We’ll assess your application to let you know if you’re approved within 24 to 48 hours. The best way to find out if you qualify for gastric sleeve is to submit an application to Renew Bariatrics today.

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