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Stomach Stretch after Gastric Sleeve

Will Your Stomach Stretch after Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Temporary stretching of the stomach is a normal phenomenon that occurs after eating a large meal. However, permanent stretching and

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Medical Necessity Letters for Weight Loss Surgery

Each person deserves the fundamental rights and access to healthcare. However, every so often, you will find an individual who

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Weight Loss Surgery Insurance Appeal Letter & The Appeals Process

Weight Loss Surgery Insurance Appeal Guide There are several reasons why your weight loss surgery claim may be denied. These

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The Best Apps for Bariatric Surgery

After one has been able to take the brave and bold step of having bariatric surgery in order to lose

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Fattest States in America [Updated 2017]

The World Health Organization defines overweight as a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or more and obesity as a

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Allurion Elipse

Elipse Gastric Balloon: Swallowable, NonSurgical Weight Loss Treatment

Gastric Balloon surgery is a weight loss surgery option that installs an inflated saline-solution filled or gas-filled balloon into a

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